Nebula Battle Tableaux: The Complete Saga

Guerrilla Lit Reading, 5/25: Me, Ryan Britt, Lev Grossman

Sigourney Weaver, in conversation about Aliens

2015 Nebula Ballot Includes My Story “When Your Child Strays From God”

Life in Fiction 2015: Highlights as a Reader and a Writer

New horror story out today: “Angel, Monster, Man,” in Nightmare Magazine

Co-editing has its ups and downs. Photos by Ruby Katigbak.

Issue #6 of Interfictions, co-guest-fiction-edited by me, is out now.

Pay what you want for the “Orange Volume” anthology – a fundraiser for the Clarion Writer’s Workshop

First-Ever “Best American Science Fiction & Fantasy” Contains My Story “We Are The Cloud” (!!)

“Ghosts of Home” is Out Now in Lightspeed!

24 MORE HOURS to submit to Interfictions for the issue I’m guest-editing!

“Calved” is out now from Asimov’s

Pterosaur Warriors of Post-Industrial America


Some nights, you just really need a ride on a Megalosaurus.

“When Your Child Strays From God” is out today in Clarkesworld!

Alyssa Wong, Kaijumancer.

“We Are the Cloud” is a Finalist for the Theodore Sturgeon Award

Carmen Maria Machado Astride Her War Triceratops

Photos from My Reading with Samuel R. Delany

The Grim Reaper as Hot Dude Riding an Allosaurus

I’m Reading With Samuel R. Delany… ::dies::

“We Are The Cloud” is a Nebula Nominee!

I’m Eligible for Awards! And stuff.

Review Round-Up for “We Are the Cloud”!

“Kenneth: A User’s Manual” is out now at Strange Horizons!

Recent Reviews

“Allosaurus Burgers” is out now from Shimmer

“57 Reasons for the Slate Quarry Suicides” Wins the Shirley Jackson Award!!

The Good Kind of Anxiety

In Which I Talk About Myself: The My Writing Process Blog Tour!!

I’m “Recommended Reading” in The Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2014!

#SSS: Short Story Saturdays!!

Vote for me, for the Locus Award!

I’ll be Part of the Lost & Found Show’s “Video Games” Edition!

Book Reviews, by Me.

Blogging Brilliant Stories: “Karina Who Kissed Spacetime,” by Indrapramit Das, and “The Water That Falls on You From Nowhere,” by John Chu

“The Beasts We Want to Be,” in Electric Velocipede #27

Electric Velocipede: Issue 27 Release Party – and Memorial Service

New York Review of Science Fiction Reading Series STARRING ME

Upcoming Publications: Electric Velocipede, Daily Science Fiction

11 reasons why seeing Jurassic Park in 3D re-release was one of the best movie-theater experiences I’ve had in a long time.

Blogging Brilliant Stories: “The Man Who Ended History: A Documentary,” by Ken Liu

Why I Am on Tumblr.

EPIC WIN: Last Night’s LGBTQ Science Fiction & Fantasy Reading!!

Queer Science Fiction & Fantasy in NYC, January 7th.

Top Ten Most Ridiculous and Amazing Things Grace Jones Said Between Songs at the Roseland, NYC, Saturday October 27 2012

LGBTQ Science Fiction & Fantasy Night, January 7th. Save the Date, New Yorkers. Book Your Tickets, Non-New Yorkers!

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Manhattan Sunset Number Nine Billion