#SSS: Short Story Saturdays!!

My resolution for 2014 was to read more short stories. And I’ve mostly been able to stick to it, because (1) apps like Pocket make it easy to save and organize and carry around all the excellent free short fiction that gets published on the web every week, (2) short stories are more suitable for treadmill reading than novels, and (3) unlike other resolutions (eating healthy, learning a language, being a good person etc), reading short stories is really really fun.

But when you read good writing, you wanna talk about it. And let’s face it, social media conversations don’t exactly blossom over short-form spec-fic the way they do over HuffPo articles and the latest celebrity shenanigans.

So when Daniel Jose Elder mentioned on Twitter that he’s “been pondering how to generate more buzz/conversation around short stories on social media..” that sounded like exactly the sort of thing I’d been thinking about. And of course the answer to any question on Twitter is: make a hashtag.

So Daniel, Lisa Bolekaja, and I came up with Short Story Saturday: #SSS. And then we started twatting at our writer friends and heroes, trying to build some buzz about it. And some awesome people got excited, and started retweeting us. And everybody knows it’s an ironclad law of the internet that once Cory Doctorow retweets something, it’s officially a thing.

And now we need you!! Let’s talk short stories, this Saturday.

Have you read a decent short story in the past week? Tell us all about it on Twitter, using hashtag #SSS to celebrate Short Story Saturday!

Posted on: March 28, 2014, by : Sam J. M.
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