Welcome to Smokefall, an endless city where it’s always night and usually raining. Somewhere in this urban sprawl, the thing you want most in the world is waiting for you. But so are your worst nightmares, and the imaginary friends you outgrew, and twisted versions of your favorite cartoon characters.

Smokefall is an old-school pixel-art action RPG inspired by my love for Final Fantasy Adventure and A Link to the Past, with a noir storyline that’s equal parts Cyberpunk 2077 and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

The game is still under development, but a 15-minute demo is free-to-play now on! 

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But when he vanished, you found yourself slowly becoming obsessed with his notes and sketches of this mythical place called Smokefall.

And then one day, you woke up there.

But how well do you really know Eli? What was he doing here, and what was he running from? Before you can save your boyfriend from his demons, you’ll have to confront your own. And there are quite a few of them.

Every choice you make will change the city around you. Characters will be good or evil or somewhere in between, depending on what you do. And while the game starts off in Game-Boy-style shades of green, the further you go the more color you’ll find.

Packed with side quests and alternate endings, Smokefall is a replayable story-driven RPG with an aesthetic rooted in nostalgia but an edgy narrative that’s boldly contemporary.