One of NPR’s Best Books of 2017! Winner of the Andre Norton Award for Best Young Adult Novel; nominated for the World Science Fiction Society Award for Best Young Adult Book, the Locus Award for Best First Novel and the Crawford Award.

Bullied small-town gay boy with an eating disorder (all of which I was) believes that starving himself awakens latent supernatural abilities (which mine did not).

“Matt’s sarcastic, biting wit keeps readers rooting for him and hoping for his recovery. In his acknowledgments, Miller reveals the story’s roots in his own teen experiences. A dark and lovely tale of supernatural vengeance and self-destruction.” – Kirkus (starred review)

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*  One of the Best Books of 2018, according to Publishers Weekly & Kirkus Reviews & Vulture/New York Magazine&  Barnes & Noble & the Washington Post & The Oregonian & Powell’s Books *  

A mysterious woman arrives in the floating Arctic city of Qaanaaq, in a future where rising seas have caused dramatic geopolitical changes. She’s accompanied by an orca and a polar bear, on a mission that might be bloody and might be beautiful and might be both.

An Entertainment Weekly Must Read,“and one of the Five Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Novels of the Year according to the Washington Post!

“…an ambitious, imaginative, and big-hearted dystopian ensemble story that’s by turns elegiac and angry…”—Publisher’s Weekly (starred review)

“Miller gives us an incisive and beautifully written story of love, revenge, and the power (and failure) of family in a scarily plausible future. Blackfish City simmers with menace and heartache, suspense and wonder. Plus, it has lots of action and a great cast of characters. Not to mention an orca and a polar bear!” —Ann Leckie, New York Times bestselling author and winner of the Hugo, Nebula, and Clarke Awards

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“Two POVs, two genres, one incredible mashup.” – Barnes & Noble

Half gritty contemporary and half epic fantasy, with both main characters’ stories centering on the question of how we fight the monsters in our world, DESTROY ALL MONSTERS is the story of Ash, a teenage photographer investigating a spate of hate crimes in her town—while trying to help her best friend Solomon get help for his worsening mental illness. But it’s also the story of Solomon, a street kid who rides a dinosaur through a city of magic and monsters, and is attempting to expose the conspiracy against his best friend Ash, the Refugee Princess. As Ash and Solomon dig deeper, these two separate worlds begin to overlap and influence one another.

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