Destroy All Monsters

“One of the biggest (and best) YA books of the summer.” – Entertainment Weekly 

My third novel, DESTROY ALL MONSTERS – out July 2nd, 2019, from HarperTeen. Over at the Barnes & Noble Teen Blog, there’s an exclusive reveal of the first two chapters!!

Sam J. Miller swept us off our feet with The Art of Starving, which went on to win the Nebula Award for best YA. After a brief detour in adult sci-fi  (Blackfish City), he’s returning to YA with a book that’s every bit as unique, nuanced, and full of depth as his first in the category. We’re thrilled to reveal the first two chapters of Destroy All Monsters, which is, to borrow from the author’s own words, half gritty contemporary and half epic fantasy, with both main characters’ stories centering on the question of how we fight the monsters in our world.

This excerpt shows both narrating characters in their dual-genre glory. Read on and get to know Ash, a teen photographer investigating hate crimes in her small town while tending to the mental health crisis of her best friend, Solomon, and Solomon, a street kid battling monsters and a growing conspiracy against his best friend, Ash.

“Sam J. Miller has cemented his status as one of the most visionary fiction writers of his generation. A staggering, stunning novel.” – Kass MorganNew York Times bestselling author of The 100

“Explosively beautiful, wild, and fresh, Destroy All Monsters is uplifting and challenging and painful and still somehow joyous all the way through. A helluva journey.” – Daniel José Older, New York Times-bestselling author of Shadowshaper and Star Wars: Last Shot

“In DESTROY ALL MONSTERS, Sam Miller has achieved something truly great—a book that masterfully combines the restless, electric imagination of sci-fi/fantasy with the luminous, beating heart of a contemporary coming-of-age story.” –Jeff Zentner, Morris Award winning author of The Serpent King