Kid Wolf & Kraken Boy

My first novella! And winner of the 2023 Subjective Chaos Kind Of Award. 

The award organizers said:

“Sam J Miller’s brilliant novella is a period fantasy of New York’s 1920s boxing scene, ruthlessly controlled by Jewish gangsters and infused with tattoo magic. Betrayal, forbidden love and labour rights are key themes in a story that swept me off my feet and left me giddy with its ambitions to fight for a better world.”

And Locus Magazine said:

“…an alt-history Roaring Twenties New York gangster boxing labor-rights queer romance… historical references to actual boxers of the era give the tale a gritty, authentic sensibility…  the classically noir setting is brilliantly realized…  the mutual devotion between these two memorable narrators gives the whole tale the legend-like aura of classic romance…”

Click here to buy the full e-book from Rebellion Solaris 

Also available as an audiobook!

Forthcoming in French from Le Bélial’!