Announcing SMOKEFALL.

The awesome GeeksOUT has broken the news, so I am excited to finally tell y’all about the TOP SECRET PROJECT I have been working on for the past 2.5 years.

I’ve been making a video game. NBD. Just… teaching myself programming (starting from absolutely zero knowledge, which was a legit full entire nightmare, but also incredibly gratifying and exhilarating) so I can tell the super-gay love story action RPG of my heart… the one that would have changed my life if I’d had it when I was a kid. The one where I’ve poured all my love for games like Zelda: A Link to the Past and Final Fantasy Adventure into.

SMOKEFALL is a 2D action RPG set in a retro-inspired noir city populated by evil corporations, police corruption, talking animals, and clumsy robots.

And while the game is a long way from finished, the core mechanics are in place and I’ve finally got a fully-playable 15-minute demo up on for y’all.

I’ll be building toward a crowdfund campaign in a few months, to finish the rest – make sure you sign up for updates on that and other developments.

Click here to play the demo. 

Click here to sign up for updates. 

Click here for Smokefall’s socials. 

Thank you so much for taking this weird journey with me!!

Screencap of a pixel art video game, with a boy outside a coffee shop and a rabbit police officer.

GIF of a scrolling night city skyline, with two boys looking at each other from different rooftops, and the title SMOKEFALL.

Video game screencap. A boy stares into a subway tunnel. Onscreen text says "I knew my boyfriend Eli had been through some rough times in his life. Gone to some pretty dark places. But that's what gave him the incredible imagination I loved so much."



Posted on: October 3, 2023, by : Sam J. M.
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