Announcing the winning stories from the Imagine 2200 climate fiction competition.

As a judge for the Imagine 2200: Climate Fiction for Future Ancestors competition, I was exhilarated by the sheer volume of writers committed to envisioning better futures. From 1,000 submissions, me and Nalo Hopkinson and Paolo Bacigalupi (two huge heroes of mine) selected three winners and nine runners-up.

And now that they’ve all been announced and the book is out, you can see just how broad and varied these visions are.

These are stories that span generations, cultures, and ecosystems. From beekeepers navigating flood warning systems to climate exiles finding hidden truths during Passover, these narratives ignited my imagination. The finished anthology, which is now available, invites you to explore these visions and join the chorus of voices shaping a more resilient, compassionate Earth.

Here are the winners and the finalists – congratulations and gratitude to all of them, and to everyone who entered the competition.


To Labor for the Hive

By Jamie Liu

A beekeeper finds a new sense of purpose and community after helping to develop a warning system for floods.  


The Last Almond

By Zoe Young

As California prepares to destroy a levee and sacrifice its last remaining almond farm, its caretaker remembers the toll floodwaters have taken on his family.  


A Seder in Siberia

By Louis Evans

The arrival of a surprise visitor at a family’s Passover celebration reveals the true story of how they came to be climate exiles. 



Accensa Domo Proximi

By Cameron Neil Ishee

At a live art show in the bustling city, a cook grapples with the coastal home he lost. 


The Blossoming

By Guglielmo Miccolupi and Laura C Zanetti-Domingues

A student seeking his purpose in life makes a discovery that could revive a friend’s vital research. 


Cabbage Koora: A Prognostic Autobiography

By Sanjana Sekhar

Across generations and a changing world, an Indian family preserves its traditions through food, dance, and the latest communication fads. 


A Gift of Coconuts

By Melissa Gunn

A family races against time to prepare their coconut farm for a massive storm surge. 


Gifts We Give to the Sea

By Dinara Tengri

A mother must come to terms with her child’s identity, her husband’s passing, and the changing landscape of their community. 


The Imperfect Blue Marble

By Rae Mariz

In a culture where a child’s first word takes on great meaning, a nonverbal child shows his compassion beyond words. 


The Long In-Between

By Andrew Kenneson

A father’s effort to honor his daughter’s memory through a rewilding project collides with his neighbor’s conventional farming practices. 


La Sirène

By Karen Engelsen

On a submarine housing children born with a genetic mutation, people of faith wrestle with the sin of causing an ecological disaster. 



By Lovinia Summer

A desert dweller undergoes a rapid and enlightening metamorphosis to survive the seasonal migration.

Posted on: February 1, 2024, by : Sam J. M.
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