Interfictions Fall 2016 – Guest Edited by Carmen Maria Machado and I!

The latest issue of Interfictions is out now, the second and final one for which Carmen Maria Machado and I served as guest fiction editors. We had space for two stories, and we chose a pair of magnificent ones.

“She Hides Sometimes” by Nino Cipri

The linen closet disappeared first. Or maybe it was just the first thing that Anjana noticed, the morning her parents moved into the nursing home.

Mana Langkah Pelangi Terakhir? (Where is the Rainbow’s Last Step?) by Jaymee Goh

I was sitting on the edge of the drain outside the school fence, doobying on my Samsung, trying to make it show me the time even when it went idle, when I got the text message from an ex-colleague telling me Pelangi Hussein had passed away.

Go. Read them now. Don’t wait for awards season when everyone else is talking about them and you feel like a bandwagon late-comer.

wp-1478143567850.jpgAnd then read the rest of the issue. Because, as always with Interfictions, there is so much to startle and delight and confuse you, in the best possible ways. I’m so proud to have been a part of it, even if only as a guest.

HUGE THANKS, once again, to Carmen, for asking me to serve as her co-editor. And a second shout-out to the real heroes of both our issues, the fearless insightful wise and tolerant slush readers! Christian Coleman, Eugene Fischer, Val Howlett, Susana Marcelo, Patrick Ropp, Gabriela Santiago, and Isabel Yap read the 500+ stories that arrived during our two-week submissions window last time around, and identified enough solid stories that we had some overflow into this issue.


Posted on: November 3, 2016, by : Sam J. M.
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