My Favorite SFF Things, 8/11-8/19/2012 Edition

The Asian American Literary Review has a great interview up with Ken Liu, who I adore. It’s the first in a series that will include my teacher and hero Ted Chiang! (thanks, SPECULASIANS!)

Salon looks at what science fiction writers in 1987 thought 2012 would look like. SFSignal has a great weekly directory of free SF/F/H fiction.

A convention for gay video gamers!!

Philip K. Dick experiences a robotic resurrection.

Nick Mamatas mused on the most ticklish subject in SFF.

Michael Swanwick is doing a great series of free short stories set in the same universe – “The Fire Gown,” the second installment, just came out. did a roundup of summer scifi films. (and incidentally, Ryan precisely nails my feelings about Prometheus: “I was tired of giving my opinion on this movie to friends within one day of it being out. I loved it. I hated it. I thought it was crap. I thought it was beautiful.”)

Bryan Konietzko ran this awesome rough sketch of the Avatar: The Last Airbender Season Three DVD cover

World Weavers Press has a weekly round-up of SFF that is WAY BETTER THAN THIS ONE, so you should go there now and forget all about this puny insignificant  linklist.

please don’t forget this puny insignificant linklist

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