Top of my writer bucket list: I’m teaching Clarion

In 2012, I attended the Clarion Science Fiction Fantasy Writers Workshop.

It changed my life. It made me the writer I am today.

And when I left, I fell into a crippling depression that lasted months. 

Because they were the six most magical weeks of my life. I had the chance to study with six of the best writers in the science fiction and fantasy genre – Jeffrey Ford, Delia Sherman, Ted Chiang, Walter Jon Williams, Cassandra Clare and Holly Black – to say nothing of my seventeen incredible classmates, with whom I was bonded for life into a super-brood of awesome writerly power and support.

Me as a hungry student in UCSD’s Geisel Library at Clarion 2012

After that, even the happiest of home-and-work lives feels a little smaller. But – on top of all the awesome craft I learned there – my experience at Clarion made me that much more motivated to find a way into the awesome SFF community I’d had a small taste of at the workshop.

So now, I’m completely verklempt to share that I’ll be part of the 2020 faculty at Clarion UCSD. Alongside some of the most magnificent writers in the game! Geoffrey Ryman, Larissa Lai, Anjali Sachdeva, Christopher Rowe and Gwenda Bond!

Seriously, this has been a dream of mine ever since I graduated, and I am over the moon to be able to support an awesome cadre of 18 great writers who are figuring out how to tell the stories that will change the world. 

If you’re a writer of science fiction or fantasy or horror, and you’ve been looking to take your craft to the next level, Clarion is one way to do it, and I hope you’ll consider applying when applications open in December!!

Panoramic view of my beloved class of 2012.
Posted on: October 5, 2019, by : Sam J. M.
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