Thanks for taking the time to check out my website. Here you can find all sorts of stuff I’ve written, including fiction and articles published online as well as stories that were originally published in books and magazines that I’ve subsequently put up right here. You should check out my blog, and subscribe to it, because I’ll be adding things like new published stories, announcements about upcoming readings and fabulous achievements, as well as stupid sh*t like pictures I took, and links to sites I love, and recipes I made up, and random drama.

As a writer, I find the internet really exciting in the way it provides space for artists and audiences from all over to meet and share and argue. I also find it a little freaky. We see each other as words on a screen. So I wanted this website to showcase my writing AND give a sense of who I am. Which is why there are so many corny pictures of me and my friends and Nintendo, and which is why there’s a whole page devoted to Things I Love, where you can find out what books and movies and video games and poets get me all tingly inside.

If you like anything I’ve written, write to me. I send out periodic email alerts to friends and readers, whenever I publish something new or I have a reading coming up or there’s another big development. Like a new season of America’s Next Top Model is starting, or the war in Iraq is over.