2022 Nebula Award ballot includes “Let All the Children Boogie” as a nominee for Best Short Story!

Beyond insanely proud and happy and humbled that I’m on the ballot for the 57th annual Nebula Awards!!

Let All the Children Boogie” took a long time to gestate and finalize and find its way into the world, and it’s such a tingly privilege to receive this kind of recognition for my gnarled messy story of queer teen love and the transformative power of music – and Iggy Pop and David Bowie – and the very 90’s feeling of falling in love with a song you heard on the late-night radio and had no way of learning more about, might never discover again.

The short story category – and the ballot as a whole – is filled to bursting with incredible talent and brilliant writing. GO READ IT ALLLLLLLL

Posted on: March 8, 2022, by : Sam J. M.
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