“Allosaurus Burgers” is out now from Shimmer

Issue #20 of the phenomenal speculative fiction magazine Shimmer is out, and I’m so proud and excited because it contains my short story “Allosaurus Burgers.”

I wrote this story during week five of Clarion 2012. It benefited immensely from the insights and critiques of my Brother and Sister Robots, as well as anchor team extraordinaire Holly Black and Cassandra Clare…. and after that it made the rounds for a little while, racking up rejections and getting some good notes from editors that helped me make it extra awesome. Also my mom and dad and sister and husband read it. And they made it awesome too.

There’s an interview with me here, about the story.

I’m happy this one is out in the world. Mostly because I love dinosaurs. But also because I really like this story.

Posted on: July 30, 2014, by : Sam J. M.
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