New Story: “Red Lizard Brigade,” in Uncanny Magazine #23

Fan art I made to accompany “Red Lizard Brigade.” Is it fan art if you made it for your own story? Maybe it’s just art. Or it wants to be anyway.

My story “Red Lizard Brigade” kicks off the special shared-universe dinosaur issue of Uncanny Magazine!

The issue was born from a conversation on Twitter a year ago, between a bunch of awesome SF/F/H writers – many but not all of them queer – geeking out about how awesome dinosaurs are…. and then the magnificent folks at Uncanny Magazine had decided to put together a special issue with a bunch of gnarly dinosaur stories all set in the same universe!

Here are some reviews of the story:

“Soviet scientists discover a way to reach through space and time. This technology brings dinosaurs tot he present day as weapons. The main characters are two soldiers in the Red Army trained to work with the animals. They become lovers, but come into conflict when one wishes to change how the dinosaurs are used. The result is treason and tragedy… a powerful tale about the tension between love and duty.” – Tangent 

“… An emotionally devastating piece about loyalty and the desire for freedom, and the fear that comes from having survived something very difficult and not knowing where loyalty should be given.” – Quick Sip Reviews

“First, I loved this story’s setup and the worldbuilding… Second, this story is simply a well-crafted delight… the story is perfectly ordered, hooking readers with a brilliant setup, pausing briefly to flesh out the worldbuilding and character relationships, and then bringing it all together for a heart-wrenching and darkly gorgeous climax.” – The Skiffy and Fanty Show

Lastly, “Red Lizard Brigade” is an interesting examination of relationships, betrayal, loyalty, and love. There

You can go read the story here! 


Original illustration by Galen Dara for the dinosaur issue of Uncanny!
Posted on: August 10, 2018, by : Sam J. M.
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