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My fiction has been nominated for the Nebula Award and the Theodore Sturgeon Award, and has won the Shirley Jackson Award. I’m a graduate of the 2012 Clarion Writers Workshop.

My debut novel THE ART OF STARVING (young adult, science fiction) is forthcoming from HarperCollins.

I’ve had a whole bunch of stories published in great places like Lightspeed, Asimov’s, The Minnesota Review, Strange Horizons, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Shimmer, Electric Velocipede, Interzone, Daily Science Fiction, Nightmare, Fiction International, Arts & Letters, The Rumpus, and lots more. Together with the brilliant Aviva Briefel, I co-edited Horror After 9/11, a critical anthology published in 2011 by the University of Texas Press, which was included in the “Brilliant/Lowbrow” quadrant of New York Magazine’s famed “Approval Matrix.” I was the recipient of a 2008 Literary Fellowship and Residency from the Bronx Writers’ Center. I’m honored to be a member of the phenomenal SFF writers group Altered Fluid.

Check under “Publications” for some of my work, including links to the ones that are available online.


My Life as a Personhome_banner_4B

I live in New York City now, but I grew up in a depressed depressing middle-of-nowhere town in upstate New York. I was trained as a butcher, and my father was a butcher, and his father was a butcher, but our butcher shop went down the toilet when our town was eaten alive by Wal-Mart. Since then I’ve been a vegetarian. I watch way too much television. I majored in Cinema Studies and Russian Language/Literature at Rutgers University, which is where I met my brilliant handsome husband.


My Life as a Community Organizer/Activistadmin-ajax

When I’m not trying to smash the system via somewhat-subversive stories, I’m trying to smash the system by organizing poor people to fight collectively for social justice. For the past eleven years, I’ve been an organizer at Picture the Homeless, building towards the homeless revolution. I’ve played a part in organizing billions of amazing protests and events there, and I coordinated the writing of a major report that was required reading in urban planning courses at Columbia University—and was banned in New York State prisons. I’m also a member of the Community Funding Committee of the North Star Fund.

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For even more silly information about me, here is an interview I conducted with myself:

What video game character are you? Samus Aran
What was your first concert? Metallica, “Load” tour, 1997
What Shakespeare character are you? Lady Macbeth
What’s your favorite color? heather charcoal
What Cylon model are you? Six (when I’m feeling gorgeous); Three (when I’m bitchy/crafty)
What Star Trek species are you? Klingon
What are your favorite actresses? Mae West, Mary McDonnell, Sigourney Weaver, Bette Davis, Cate Blanchett, Ingrid Bergman, Tilda Swinton, Michelle Yeoh, Gloria Grahame, Marlene Dietrich, Claudia Cardinale.
What are your addictions? Coffee, Old Navy, video games, Bitcomet
Favorite food? Black beans and rice
Favorite photographer? Ralph Eugene Meatyard
Favorite poet? Osip Mandelstam
Herbs? Basil, lavender
If you could be an artist functioning in any other time/place than the one you’re in right now, what would it be? Russia in the 1920’s; NYC in the 1930’s
Favorite supermodel? Gisele, Janice, Naomi
What’s your most prized possession? a set of amazing butcher knives from my father
When was your last drink? August 2003
Last cigarette? November 2006
What LOST character are you? Kate
What Simpsons character are you? Lisa

My handsome boyfriend, and somebody else's cat.